About Us
I fell in love with dachshunds when I worked at a pet store where there were many dachshunds that came to shop for food and treats or just to visit.

Well now years later I have acquired a few of the best quality show dogs I have ever seen ( Well in my opinion anyhow).
I have meet some great people and made a few WONDERFUL friends. I had meet a couple a few years ago at the Irwindale show , Antelope Valley Kennel Club,
Since then we have become great friends they have helped me out with showing my dogs and I have learned a lot from them.
I have a great handler who happens to be a dear friend also, we go to a lot of dog shows together .
I only have a few dogs that are ALL shown or are already finished, I am very proud and surprised of how fast they have all finished.
My children love all of the dogs as much as I do if not more, The dogs sleep with them and follow them everywhere. All of my dogs are in my home around everyday activities and noises, And when they have had enough they all have their own crates to go to and sleep. 
My dogs have it made they eat, sleep, poop, and play till they can't play anymore!
We’re always happy to hear from fellow dog lovers. 


Willy at his first show , he took  winners dog & and BOS not too bad for his first time out.